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Terry cracked his knuckles in anticipation while John and Billy nervously stayed a pace behind him, ready to run. Gabriel stood by the ominous wooden door of the doom closet, and grabbed the handle.

“You boys got lucky last time.” Said Gabriel. “But luck won’t help you this time. BEHOLD!”

Gabriel yanked the door open and a glorious white light enveloped the boys. Terry raised his fists and gritted his teeth as John started to cry.

“My god, it’s… it’s!… Wait, what is it?” said Billy.

What is it indeed? Announcing’s summer contest, Summer Of Suffering!

What sort of evil monster do you imagine the boys fighting over and over again in the magic closet? This is your chance to tell us, AND get your monster into the comic!

The winner gets a personalized sketch of their monster, a guest star appearance in the comic and the eternal love of Nick! <3 (Travis might start to like you a little bit too, but don’t hold your breath.)

Follow these three simple steps:

1.) Answer these questions!
What does your monster look like? Perhaps it is slimy, scaly or hairy. Maybe it has seven arms! Answer this question with three to four sentences.

What is its strength? Perhaps it eats boulders, breathes fire or even vomits bears. That would be awesome. Answer this question with one to two sentences.

What is its weakness? Maybe it has allergies, a crippling fear of water or a dysfunctional marriage. Answer this question with one to two sentences.

What’s it’s weird quirk? Does it speak in haiku? Does it faintly smell of lavender? Does it have a degree? One to Two sentences will do.

Bonus consideration for a sketch! (It doesn’t have to be good, just let your inner artist shine!)

2.) Email it all to

3.) Wait while Nick and Travis score the submissions and pick the best! Disclaimer: At the sole discretion of Nick and Travis, rated R etc. monsters will be rejected (i.e. No tentacle dick monsters!)


In other news, Nick and Katie had the most awesome Scottish wedding on the planet! Naturally Travis was there wearing an authentic Scottish kilt complete with sporran (man purse), flashers (sock flags) and dagger (…uh, a dagger.) Interestingly, I discovered that wearing a kilt for some reason gives everybody the desire and permission to ask about your wang. Seriously, about twenty separate people in some manner asked me directly about how ‘traditional’ I was wearing my kilt (i.e. without underwear.)


The oldest trees in California (probably) witnessed the most beautiful, Princess Bride quote filled wedding complete with full bagpipe orchestra. They creaked their soft yet eternal wooden approval as the bride and groom danced the night away, every moment being captured by the best photographer on the planet.

Then we all punched Nick in the head.

In final news, after months of outlining Travis has begun work on his rough draft of his new fantasy fiction novel: Nadia the Nefarious Necromancer! Expect to see regular updates and previews of the book right here on the doomdojo blog. Here is a teaser:

In a high fantasy world where monarchs rule with the literal backing of the gods and people with pointed ears are second class citizens, a elite few are born with the power to change everything, the power to use magic. Some are born with the ability to throw bolts of lighting or even heal the most serious of wounds, and then some are born with the power to … command the dead.

The dark art of necromancy has all but been erased from the civilized world, as for the good of society any child born with ‘black magic’ is immediately put to death. The ruling class has managed to execute every known child cursed to be born with these abilities, except for one. In a free society of exiled martial artist at the edge of the world lives Nadia, a young woman who has lived the first two decades of her life a world away from those who would do her harm.

When she is forced from the only home she has ever known she will make friends with a unique crew of misfits who have been dealt an undesirable lot in life. Using their odd and evolving powers they will travel to amazing places, reject their destinies and reshape the world in which they live.

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