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On days like these I am reminded of the ancient tale of a great squid. By ancient tale, I of course mean a comic I drew for our office lady last semester that was in my box when I came back from summer break this week. And by great squid, I of course mean, great squid!


Bandana Man has crazy eyebrows.

Giant Squid does not care.

Giant Squid remembers better times.

…and it filled him with rage!

They battled.

You would think the squid would win, with all those weapons. But, squids don’t know how to hold stuff.

Bandana Man felt bad, so he gave the squid a million dollars.

He ate it, because squids are dumb.

They lived happily ever after.

Until, one day… the beatniks came.

They had knowledge of obscure things, and ordered their coffee in a secret language.

The coffee made them delicious.

Wana know what else is cool? Nick finally finished the new title page. We have been talking about it for a couple weeks, I think it embodies the comic pretty well. By the way, if you are a shiny new reader, feel free to click this tempting button right here and become familiar with our work! We promise it will totally make sense.

We are also excited to announce that in the next three to four weeks, we will have a guest artist draw the weekly comic. The ‘Mysterious Mungo’, as he is known, has an online portfolio of work that you can browse by clicking that button down there. Have a happy weekend, and thank you for enjoying our work!

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