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Whoa, was that Saitama?!

So at my last Taekwondo testing, I managed to do something that I’ve trained months for… a punch break! After two unsuccessful attempts, I finally managed to successfully punch through two boards!

The first time was when I tested for my 2nd Dan black belt. I had been practicing a bit on the bags, but my technique was way off for the break. So, right in front of Grand Master Sun Yi, managed to bloody the hell out of my knuckles.

Quickly figured out this wasn’t about to happen, so I switched technique. I rocked the shit out of a knife-hand strike break instead, and succeeded my testing.

I realized I hadn’t practiced it enough, and began training rigorously on the bags every time I went to class. I would practice at least 20 per hand after class. As a result, my technique improved a ton, and I felt confident as hell the next time around.

The next testing came back, and I got up, ready to rock. I went to demonstrate another punch break, but was only successful in breaking one board on the first punch, then got the second on the next. This wasn’t enough for me, though. Let me tell you a little something about Nick Baer. I live by one rule: talk sh*t, get hit. And those boards were talking up a storm.

So I pulled a Vegeta and started practicing like hell all the time. I practiced until I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I would break. Master Lewis, the head of my Taekwondo academy, had trained me to help me recognize what went wrong with the last break.

This time, I was ready.

As you can see, I broke that board like a kit-kat.


Now that I’ve actually done the damn break, I’m good with not doing it again. I succeeded in my goal and intend to practice other techniques (in particular ones that won’t mess up your hand if you mess up). My right hand can now rest easy.

Until next time, keep yourself busy… so you don’t get board.

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