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Faces filled with joy and cheer
What a magical time of year
It’s Tae Kwon Do testing day!

Baerman breaking boards with hands
his wife cheering in the stands
Hip hip hooray it’s testing day!

Threaten Kellie with a knife

Travis sees end of his life

Soon you will be on the ground
And the crowd will be astound

Travis kicking stacks of boards
Training to fight orcish hoards
Holy sh*t dude it’s testing daaaaaaaaaaay!

Kicking stacks of boards for days
Motivational essays

Traditional testing day

Trav and Nick bracing wood

You would punch this if you could

What a super festive day

Let’s kick Nick in the head
That guy really wants him dead

Not enough hit his face too
Only total death will do

Punching Nick into a chair
Let’s knock him down over there

“Why God why?!” on testing day

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