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Hey everybody! Today we are here to talk about something that helps all aspiring GMs: tables!



No, not that kind of table.

We’ve all been there before. From time to time, we all fumble to come up with ideas on the fly, or even to come up with anything period. There are times where having some content on-the-ready will come in handier than you’d ever realize. I like to keep tables and charts handy to quickly put together business names, NPCs, loot, encounters… a variety of things to pull out at a moment’s notice, or if I’m running short on time while planning.

But not everybody has the time, know-how, or experience to throw together something like that. Lucky for you, there’s a great resource to find:



Don’t worry, it’s not actually a collection of stories about tables.

This baby here has 84 pages chock-full of useful content for GMs to use! Need to shave some time? Grab some random loot from the tables in the book rather than going through the painstaking process of rolling an entire loot table for the session. Grabbing some quick ideas or inspiration from some tables is perfectly fine! You’ll find a way to put your own spin on everything, and nobody is going to know the difference–it’s all about having fun at the table!

When planning a game, I have a bunch of different sites that I use to help generate backup loot, business names, NPC names, etc. It can be a pain finding good sites that work for you, and it’s also time consuming piecing together what you need from different sources to piece together what you need to run a game. Having one rockin’ consolidated list to grab all your ideas from will save a lot of time in the short and long term, not to mention it can just be plain easier.

Let’s say you have everything prepared–or at least, you think you have everything prepared. But then you get hit with questions you haven’t prepared for. The players have reached a small settlement–let’s say, Forest Glen–and they’ve retired to the inn for the night. The ever-curious Rogue asks what the name of the inn is, and what kind of food their specials are. None of this is in your notes; the town is planned out, and the story is fleshed-out but not every detail has been addressed. How do you handle this situation if you aren’t good at coming up with information on-the-fly?

Me? I’m pretty awful about putting a lot of thought into smaller details, so I use premade lists as a crutch. Nobody can plan for every single occasion, so having extra information to draw on will save your life (as a GM). I’ve mentioned before that the imagination is like a muscle to train, and this is a perfect tool to use! Today, you may have to look up a bunch of stuff to have sufficient backup material. But, in time, you will gain the experience you need to plan out everything that you know your players will look into!

So whether it’s helping shave time off planning or giving yourself more tools to use when the party derails your campaign, this book is a great starting point full of awesome tables and useful information!


Click Here to give it a gander!

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