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I am excited to bring you news about the comic! About X weeks ago I announced that we were having a guest artist, the ‘Mysterious Mungo’ to draw the weekly comic! Today I have got a preview of his work, which will explore the origins of Gabriel and his powers.

You can visit his website and see some of his work by clicking this button!

We also had an inspirational time meeting with him this week, we talked about the scripting process for creating comics, drawing techniques and inking techniques. Up until this point Bearman and I have been less formal with the comic, as we both have full time jobs and just kinda like to ‘wing it’.

However from now on we will be making a script each week to make the comic more fun and to make our storytelling better. Here is a sneak peek at the script for next week’s comic, just for you dear reader.



Script for September 25th – Propane Hat Jacking

Panel One:
Billy peeks around the corner of a stone pillar and sees a propane grill among Trucker Mage’s random bullshit. The panel is split to show a closeup of the propane tank, which is labeled ‘propane’ so stupid readers can tell what it is.

Billy (thinking to himself): That’s it!

Panel Two:
From the perspective of looking down Trucker Mage’s gun barrel, Billy peeks his head around the corner of the pilar to speak. [Perhaps a little bit of detail in the background]

Billy: “Soo… uh… Is that a propane girl?”

Panel Three:
Trucker Mage has a confused but excited look on his face as he slightly lowers his gun.

Trucker Mage: “Well shoot son, you should taste the meat, not the heat!”
Billy: “Uh… I mean… I know right!?”

Panel Four:
Billy steps out from behind the pillar and takes a step towards Trucker Mage.

Billy: “The kids at my school like to Netflix and chill, but I like to propane and grill! …How do you like your steak?”

Trucker Mage: “Nice! Well son I actually like mine medium rare, firm but with just a little give.”

Panel Five:
Billy walks closer to Trucker Mage, who is still riding Terry. As they talk, Billy references Terry and the panel is split to show Terry’s facial expression, looking up at Truck mage with eyes filled with loathing and a desire for revenge.

Billy: “Terry there always asks for his steaks well done.”

Trucker Mage: “Maybe we should firmly ask him to leave!”

Panel Six:
Billy is stands next to Trucker Mage, who now has his gun unthreateningly slung over his shoulder. He slaps Billy on the back while they both laugh heartily. Terry looks angry and confused.

Panel Seven:
Billy swipes Trucker Mage’s hat off of his head. Trucker mage gasps in surprise.




Cool, right?! I was excited to write it, I hope you were excited to read it.

On a random note, I would like to show you how many zombies it takes to repeatedly lag out your connection to a minecraft server. It’s this many:

I don’t know how they all got down there, but it took me like five minutes to kill them all by hitting them in the head, one at a time.

Have an excellent weekend!

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