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I hope your holiday season has been freaking awesome! I had an excellent Xmas and satisfying new year. I am excited to tell you all about my fat Xmas loot and share my business goals for the new year…

1. My instructor, business coach and bro Corey Lewis gave me the awesome book Circle of Profit.

After reading it Nick and I have decided to give affiliate marketing a go and become online gurus of table top gaming! (What else? lol)

Starting February 1st we will be publishing a semi-daily newsletter (5 per week.) We will be giving advice, writing articles, responding to people who email us and promoting/reviewing products. You can be one of the first people to sign up:

Emails will come from the address, so make sure you have us ‘whitelisted’ in your email! (Make sure to check your ‘spam’ or ‘promotions’ folder.)

2. I got a kick-ass vacuum robot for Xmas! It’s name is Rogue, and it drives around the floor looking for dirt and hair with laser beam eyes!

It seriously picks up more hair than you ever even thought could possibly be on your floor. We have hard wood floors, so we foolishly thought we could see all the dirt on the floor. Rogue picks up and entire cat worth of hair each day, I am so grateful for it.

3. My other Xmas gift was some bad ass aluminum dice!

After doing some research for affiliate marketing, I learned it is fair to say plastic dice are fairly unfair! (That sentence made me happy.) Turns out plastic dice are disturbingly often unbalanced, and favor a certain side! If you float your dice in a glass of salt water, you can gently spin it several times with your finger to see if it keeps coming up on the same side.

After some research, (long story short) plastic dice aren’t really that great because of the way they are made. That’s why metal dice are so awesome! Since they are cast in a mold they are ‘born the way they are’ which means they are homogeneous (they same throughout, without and areas of less density or air pockets, like some plastic dice) and they don’t have any uneven corners (plastic dice go through a rock tumbler to smooth out their edges, wearing them unevenly.)

I hope your 2018 is full of burning desire my friends! Let’s bring a flaming sense of furious justice to the new year!

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