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The internet is really, really great! For *ahem* D&D!

Books are a rockin’ tool to build campaigns, set up “oh no” lists, and help fine-tune a campaign overall. But it’s 2018, people. We have more options than just books!

This is the Age of Information! The Age of Technology! Why not use history’s biggest source of information to our advantage when planning our epic D&D campaigns? Of course, the internet is a vast place… and much of it is a sprawling wasteland of vines, memes, and twisted anime. What are some good places to look to find the sweet, sweet information we need? Well, I’ve comprised a list of some of my personal favorites that I use to run my current game!

Donjon Generator: Look, if you’ve googled “D&D generators” you’ve probably ended up at this site at some point. This site has a great wealth of generators available! Need a dungeon on the fly? Create one with a few settings, and easily export it to an online game on Roll20! There’s also encounter generators, NPC generators, loot generators, EXP calculators…. a lot of great information is available with just a few clicks! It’s an excellent starting point with a lot of great tools to use!

DM Tools: A quick, easy-to-use site that instantly gives you the bare-bones that you need to run a quick one-off game. I like to use this for quick business names, unimportant NPC names, fast buildings if my players decide to investigate, and to generate some pickpocket loot for my more nefarious players.

NPC Generator: A great generator for usable NPCs! Quickly come up with an NPC on the fly with names, descriptions, traits, and stats. On the left you can customize some settings to come up with a more specific NPC for your campaign. It even has a plot hook to have them help the party if you’re caught in a desperate moment! A really great overall tool that, while not being fully comprehensive, gives you a great set of tools to come up with slightly more fleshed-out NPCs.

Dungeon Painter Studio Free: I’ve mentioned this product in a past newsletter, but you can try it for free at the site and make some fair-looking maps which print and export easily! There’s a good number of map tools available on the free version, so it’s worth checking out if you’re if you need some decent maps quick!

Roll 20: Not only is this site excellent for running an online session (I’ve been using it since 2013), it also houses a ton of information and the forums are a great place to grab ideas and information! Less of a generator and more of a guide and information resource.

… All of these sites have proven invaluable to me in planning my campaigns. It can be a little tricky picking and choosing what I like to use each site for, but in time you’ll come up with your own system. In no time at all, you’ll be rocking some radical campaigns that impress your players!

Until next time, happy gaming!


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